Weddings. Welcoming a New Baby. Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

These are moments of celebration. Of transformation. Of transition from single to married, from couple to parents, from child to teen.

How do we make these precious moments meaningful?

How do we create a wedding or other lifecycle ceremony that celebrates who we are- individually and as a couple or family? That expresses our most treasured values?

How do we prepare for the ceremony itself and plan thoughtfully and lovingly for the new stage of life that follows?

How do we create space to connect with each other amidst all of the details of planning an event?

As a rabbi and teacher of mindfulness meditation, these are the questions that are in my heart and mind as we work together.


9 months ago

Rabbi Margie Jacobs

Wow- powerful song from my powerful friend. I was at the airport Sunday night picking up my kids (S's first without an adult) and the 20 1st first responders to the Las Vegas shooting were waiting at the same gate for their flight. I gave them a blessing, which included something like this:
May you be safe and protected.
May you be supported and sustained in your work.
May you find the good and the sacred in the world and may it give you peace.

An experiment! We visited Dorothy Richman yesterday to record her first song in a new weekly series on the Torah portion. Open the text of Bereshit (Genesis) and see how she brings the story of Cain and Abel to modern times. She makes artistic interpretive moves that are powerful. What do you think?

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